Mox Shoe Reviews

Check out what these bloggers and style experts have to say about Mox Shoes:

8th Jul 2018

Ashley, Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Mox Shoes to save the day! These are the most versatile, comfortable, and adorable shoes.....the only pair of shoes you’ll need to pack. One pair of Mox Shoes will replace all the others you usually throw in your suitcase.

3rd Jul 2018

Sydney, Charleston Moms Blog

...when I stood up to walk while wearing my new Mox, they hugged my feet like a best friend saying, “I’ve got you.” It was seriously like walking on air.

1st Jul 2018

Vanessa, Albuquerque Moms Blog

I’m telling you . . . they are as comfy as my flip flops . . . and way prettier!

26th Jun 2018

Maria, Orange County Moms Blog

Mox Shoes are the perfect shoe for every mom. They are your anywhere shoe. Mox Shoes are NOT your mama’s jellies!

24th Jun 2018

Sarah, Milwaukee Moms Blog

About two years ago, I was introduced to Mox Shoes and they quickly became my favorite spring and summer shoe — and my go-to shoe to wear in airports (Hello easy-breezy through TSA) and when I travel to warmer climates. They remind me of my Jellies from my tween days, but with actual foot support and without the weird rubber smell. Mox are super comfortable, totally cute and versatile and keep your feet feeling happy all day long!  … read more

24th Apr 2018

Julie, Military Moms Blog

All in all, after walking miles in these shoes, my feet still felt good, and I loved the way the shoes looked. 

3rd Apr 2018

Amanda, Flagstaff Moms Blog

... dilemma of finding the perfect shoe came up. I needed comfort, versatility and serious bonus points if they also happened to be fashionable!I had seen pictures of Mox Shoes floating around and was curious about how comfortable they were. They definitely nailed the fashionable criteria, but could they withstand mom life as well? The short answer is yes! 

7th Aug 2017

Alamo City Moms Blog

We love how versatile, comfortable, stylish, and affordable Mox shoes are and these are perfect for teens and tweens, too!

27th Feb 2017

East Valley Moms Blog

I love that they are versatile, so I can wear them to the office, to the PTA, to soccer practice, out for a date night, or just hanging out at the park with my girls. And here in Arizona, they can be worn year-round.

27th Feb 2017

Rio Grande Valley Moms Blog

So what did I think of the Mox shoes? They are amazing! I loved wearing them. They felt like I was barefoot when I ran after my dog on the concrete. They felt cool in the sunny afternoon heat. The most important part for me: They were easy to put on. They were easy to wear. They were pretty… and comfortable!

2nd Feb 2017

Houston Moms Blog

And ya’ll… Yes. Yes. Yes. Rubber shoes are cute in-person and rubber shoes are comfortable. In fact, the rubber sole provides a cushioning unlike any other flats I’ve ever had. It’s like your feet are on a spongey cloud while you chase a toddler who thinks running away from you is an Olympic sport.

1st Feb 2017

Orlando Moms Blog

If MOX can make it through my day and still keep me feeling cute and comfortable, then they can make it through anyone’s day. They are a great alternative to flip-flops and will take you through everything on your to-do list.

5th Aug 2016

Jacksonville Moms Blog

I love the versatility they offer. From a family day at the beach to a play date, to a sassy “cute-casual” afternoon lunch with my hubby–they work!

28th Jun 2016

New Orleans Moms Blog

The only way I could describe it was as if Toms and jellies had a baby. They were soft and molded to my feet like Toms, but fashionable enough that I could wear in a multitude of ways.

4th May 2016

Lush to Blush

Since I knew we were going to walking on rocky terrain, I wore my new mox shoes. They were perfect for this and for a few other outdoor activities we did in Chiang Mai….My sister ended up buying some water shoes, but mine were just as functional and are actually super cute!

25th Jun 2015

Dresses and Denim

They are comfy and un-phased by an unexpected blast from a water gun and so perfect for summer days. I have been wearing them over and over again for our casual days spent soaking up the sun.

28th May 2015

Plum Pearls

It's like walking on clouds. Seriously. To wear a pair of shoes all day and forget you have anything on your feet is like an act of magic, and Mox has performed the trick to perfection.

28th May 2015

The Crimson Effect

I bought these Mox Shoes for our trip to Hawaii thinking they would be easy for the beach; however, I found myself constantly reaching for them....perfect for travel. They were perfect for the pool and beach, and I wore them to restaurants and around town – they literally are the wear ANYWHERE shoes. Not only are they cute, but they are extremely comfortable.

20th May 2015

Hallie Daily

They are so soft, so lightweight, and practical, I strongly recommend them for all the active women on-the-go. Before I wore them last weekend to the beach, I had been wearing them all around the house, the garden, and the pool, too.