Mox Shoe Reviews

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15th May 2015

Diva and the Divine

If you’re looking for a comfortable, affordable pair of flats, check out Mox Shoes and enjoy the unique look that they offer. I know I want a pair in every color

27th Apr 2015

Penny Pincher Fashion

You will honestly never put on a more comfortable flat because they mold to your foot the more you wear them!

21st Apr 2015


I can’t stress enough how versatile these shoes are. Dress them up for work and throw them on with your bathing suit for the pool. And don't forget the weave will also allow you to catch a glimpse of your super cute pedicure.

20th Apr 2015

The Magnolia Mamas

They were even comfortable as I managed to participate in an impromptu game of tag with some of the little party guests. I might have been worn out, but my feet still felt good. And looked cute doing it. :)

15th Apr 2015

Carrying this belly around lately...Comfort is my always on my mind. These Mox shoes came into my life and my feet are in love!! Super comfortable & pretty cute too.