About Us

Like most women, we love shoes. Unfortunately, most aren't practical. We want to be comfortable and show our fashionable side whatever we're doing - running after toddlers, teaching middle school science, giving a work presentation or even dancing the night away. For us, Mox was the answer!  

Mox began in Australia by a woman wanting an all day, anywhere shoe with a twist. Mox was launched in late 2011 Down Under and once we tried on a pair, we knew we had to bring Mox to the US! 3 years later, we formed Divvy Out, LLC and Mox Shoes in California and we are ready to show Americans why Australians have moved from comfort beyond the flip flop with Mox.

We are the sole distributor of Mox shoes in North America. The parent company is located in Australia at moxonline.com.au.

As the US founders of Mox, we stand 100% behind our product. Why do we love Mox?

“I love the fact that I can pack one pair of shoes for a night away. I can wear Mox to the pool and then pair them with a dress for a night out.” - Amber

“Mox are my everywhere, everyday shoe. I love that they are so comfortable, stylish and that I can wear them to the park, to the pool and then dress them up to head to a party.” - Stacey

The Environment

At Mox we have a strong sense of responsibility to the world around us. Our shoes are made from man made rubber and we package them in 100% cotton, biodegradable, reusable string bags. Please reuse our Mox bags to help sustain our environment for future generations.


Mox supports the work of various not for profit organizations.  If you would like Mox to work with you to raise support for your community group or fundraiser, please email us at customerservice@moxshoes.com

 Photography by Regina Hickman from:

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